(Fertility Malaysia): Seeking Help

Fertility Clinics in Malaysia (Fertility Malaysia) – When to Seek Help for Infertility? Couples who have infertility problems struggle to get pregnant.  You may try to get pregnant for almost a year and fail to conceive. When this happens, you may be confused and worried. Many couples do not know the right time to seek […]

Understanding Endometriosis and Its Effect on Fertility

Endometriosis Understanding Endometriosis and Its Effects on Fertility “Endometriosis is one of the more common causes of infertility. Period pain is a significant symptom of this disease. But because many women experience painful menstruation, there is a widespread belief that menstrual pain is ‘normal’. This poses a barrier for the prompt diagnosis of this disease.” […]

Seeking hep with infertility
Seeking Help with Infertility

A marriage followed by a beautiful home with two kids – ultimately, this would be every couple’s dream of an ideal life. However, things don’t always go as planned. For some couples, conceiving a child is not as straightforward as expected. “Infertility treatments have come a long way from what they used to be. There […]

Preserving infertility
Preserving Fertility

For the 7 over billion people on planet Earth, the year 2020 will be anything but normal. However, in spite of quarantines, the pandemic has done more in this year than the last one hundred to bring us together as one global nation. As the year closes, Dr Navdeep shares his conviction on preserving fertility […]

Improving the Odds
Improving the Odds

“There are no guarantees in fertility treatment but Dr Navdeep Singh Pannu believes the right treatment at the right time will greatly improve a patient’s chance of conceiving. He outlines the treatment options available to would-be mothers, especially those who have had the disappointment of multiple miscarriages or failed embryo transfers.” For some couples, having a child can […]

Making Babies a Reality
Making Babies a Reality

Dr Navdeep Singh Pannu is a fertility care specialist with extensive experience in reproductive medicine including assisted reproductive treatments and technologies. Ingrained with the belief that infertility is treatable, he has helped hundreds of couples conceive including many women in the advanced age group as well as men with severe infertility issues who had given […]

Fertility Care – Details by Issues

Knowing Why: Root causes of infertilityInfertility can be caused by a single issue or a culmination of a few issues. In seeking treatment, it is important to help couples identify the root cause of infertility. This enables possible options to be drawn out and via constructive discussions, help couples derive solutions that they are comfortable […]

Fertility and Nutritional Wellbeing

Dr Navdeep Singh Pannu and Dr Arifah Binti Mohd Amin share their professional medical insights. Couples who undergo fertility treatments face physical and psychological demands that can be disconcerting and unsettling. Worse still, societal prejudices can make infertility, as prevalent as it is, the loneliest club to belong to.  In this casual conversation, Dr Navdeep […]