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Considering Sperm Donors

The health of a male’s sperm has an equal role in couples’ fertility, directly impacting a woman’s ability to become pregnant and have a child. For a variety of reasons however, a man may find that his sperm – he may be infertile or chronically ill, or does not wish to risk passing down genetic disorders – are not suitable for conception. In such cases, sperm donation is an option for couples to consider in having children.

Fertility centers do provide services where they assist couples in finding a suitable sperm donor. Here, candidate donors are screened and ensured to be in good health. They undergo proper assessment prior to acceptance for sperm donation, including completing an extensive examination on their personal and family medical history, physical health as well as motivation for donation.


The recipient couple is also screened prior to adoption of sperm donation for assisted reproduction – they undergo a comprehensive medical assessment as well, including a complete gynaecological and physical assessment for the female partner.

The use of donor sperm to have a child is a major life decision for couples thinking to do so. A few considerations when deciding on sperm donation include:

Seeking medical advice from qualified and experienced reproductive health specialists.
Understanding the legal implications involved.
Seeking counselling from a mental health professional who is experienced in family issues.
Considering if family, friends and especially the child should know.

Sperm donation can be a rewarding solution for many couples struggling to have children. With the requisite preparations and considerations, sperm donation can help start families and create fulfillment for everyone involved.

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