Making Babies a Reality

Dr Navdeep Singh Pannu is a fertility care specialist with extensive experience in reproductive medicine including assisted reproductive treatments and technologies.

Ingrained with the belief that infertility is treatable, he has helped hundreds of couples conceive including many women in the advanced age group as well as men with severe infertility issues who had given up almost all hope of having a child of their own.

“There are so many options today that addresses the various causes of infertility and it is only getting better with time. No matter what the issues are and whether it is male or female infertility, there is a way to have your own baby,” he emphasised.

If there are no immediate indications of severe infertility issues, Dr Navdeep prefers to take a conservative approach by helping couples try to conceive naturally before attempting assisted reproductive procedures like in vitro fertilisation.

“If we can help a couple conceive naturally, then why not? Sometimes what they need is a little help like Ovulation Induction, which encourages eggs to mature and ovulate or they could just need fertility-sparing surgery to fix a problem that is impeding pregnancy.”

Having a progressive outlook, Dr Navdeep embraces his patient’s own fertility care preferences such as natural treatments that help with conception to birthing, from acupuncture to Chinese herbal medicines.

“Battling with infertility issues can be stressful. You are not only dealing with personal stress, but also from the external environment like family and friends. I believe that if it helps patients to relax, and take care of their body and mind, then it can only promote their chances of conceiving. Of course, I do keep a close eye on all treatments.”

An unwavering focus on the safety and comfort of his patient is a common theme throughout Dr Navdeep’s practice. “I don’t believe in putting patients in the way of unnecessary danger, especially from treatments. I don’t encourage taking risks such as implanting more than two embryos at a time. It is more important to me that the mother has a safe and comfortable pregnancy and her baby is healthy. Any other outcome is heartbreaking.”

As someone who has had his own experience with infertility, Dr Navdeep knows how challenging the journey to become parents can be. Always there to support his patients and to provide the best care possible, he always makes himself available to his patients at any time, including weekends. “I’m more than happy to be there for these couples. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than to see a couple who were unable to conceive, finally have the child they have always dreamed about.”

You are sure to have many questions. In addressing infertility, the sooner you have them answered, the better.

This blog is intended for educational purposes only. All contents here is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances. Please consult with your health care professional to ensure you get the right diagnosis and treatment.

(Everybody has a chance to build a family) by Dr Navdeep