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A second chance with Egg Donation

Assistance in the form of egg donation is often a viable solution to achieve the dream of becoming loving parents. Here, donor eggs can provide a better chance for a woman to become pregnant when she’s unable to successfully conceive using her own eggs.

A number of possible medical reasons may be hindering a woman’s ability to become pregnant on her own. Such reasons can include:

Poor egg quality
Premature menopause
Diminished ovarian reserve
Genetic or chromosomal abnormalities
Repeated IVF cycle failures
Advanced maternal age
Lacking response to ovarian stimulation

Egg donation allows the intended parents, or recipient couple, to maintain genetic linkage with the child through the father. Also, a biological connection is created with the child when an intended mother becomes pregnant via egg donation.

How Does It Work?

Egg donation is conducted along with vitro fertilization (IVF), where the donor eggs are fertilised in a laboratory followed by embryo transfer to a recipient’s uterus. The process:

  1. The egg donor goes through gonadotropin stimulation to stimulate egg growth within her ovaries.
  2. Matured eggs are then collected from the donor’s ovaries in a procedure called oocyte retrieval.
  3. The eggs are fertilised with the intended father’s sperm and allowed to grow into embryos.
  4. An embryo is then transferred into the recipient’s uterus approximately three to five days following fertilisation.

The intended mother (egg recipient) may also be placed on hormone therapy. This allows determination of a precise timing for the uterus to accept embryos.  Alternatively, embryos may be frozen and transferred into the recipient uterus at a later time.

What to Consider?

The use of donor eggs to have a child is a major life decision for couples. A few considerations when deciding on using egg donation include:

Seeking medical advice from qualified and experienced reproductive health specialists.
Understanding the legal implications involved.
Seeking counselling from a mental health professional who is experienced in family issues.
Considering if family, friends and especially the child should know.

All in all, the use of donor eggs can be a rewarding solution for couples, helping couples start families and create fulfillment for everyone involved.

How Are Egg Donors Selected?

All donors undergo proper assessment prior to acceptance for egg donation. Here, donors complete an extensive examination on their personal and family medical history, physical health as well as motivation for egg donation. In addition, donors go through ovarian reserve assessment, genetic screening and counselling to ensure all considerations are satisfied.

Recipients and their partners will also undergo comprehensive medical assessment, similar to procedures conducted prior to IVF.

Will It Be Successful?

Successful pregnancy will depend on a number of factors such as the donor egg retrieval process, sperm and egg quality, as well as the health of the recipient.

Is egg donation the best choice for you? Book a consultation with us to understand if it is the right step towards having a child of your own.

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