A Story of HOPE - Joyce Simson’s Journey to Parenthood

Joyce Simson’s Journey to Parenthood


“After taking that difficult step to see a Fertility Specialist, the first doctor we met told us that I would never ever get pregnant. That was the most heart-breaking news my husband and I had ever received in our journey to start a family.”

Joyce Simson

Trying to conceive – A truly trying time

I got married when I was 30. After unsuccessfully trying to conceive naturally for two years, we decided to see a Fertility Specialist. The very first doctor we met told us that we would never be able to conceive no matter what we did. It was devastating.

We did not give up. We kept trying.

Our journey to start a family was not an easy one. We went through numerous failed IVF cycles. Each failure got tougher than the previous one. I’d cry over the simplest of things – a song I heard on the radio on the way to work or the wine that I could suddenly consume since my IVF failed and I was not pregnant. I cried on All Souls’ Day grieving for that unborn child. I was almost broken. 

The most wonderful gift

After 12 years, four different Fertility Specialists, six cycles of IVF, countless numbers of self-injections and waiting through nail-biting 2-week-waits to find out if I was pregnant, today, we are a proud family of four – my husband, myself and my two boys. My eldest is now four and a half, and my youngest, is just two months old.

Having gone through this gut-wrenching and emotionally intense journey of trying for a child, my husband and I have the utmost gratitude to our Creator for giving us this miracle of life, an extension of ourselves.

My support system

It is important to have a strong support system. In my case, these came from my husband and my Fertility Specialist and his team.

My husband has been my strength. We kept our journey personal; so, we relied on each other for comfort and motivation. He was always there, supporting ‘us’ through the ups and downs.

My Fertility Specialist and his team were empathetic and professional. Dr Navdeep talked us through our options and risks and kept things real and grounded. The breadth and depth of his knowledge kept our hopes alive. For this, we are grateful.

Juggling between work and treatment was challenging. There were even times when I had to move my treatment due to work commitments.  It was tough to get full support from superiors as work was demanding and fertility cycles cannot be planned very much in advance. 

I urge those who are going through fertility treatments to find your support systems. The journey can be uncertain, and you will need all the support you can get.

Seek the right help

Having personally gone through the highs and lows of this whole journey changed me as a person. It brought about this strong desire in me to help others in the same boat. Today, I am a Fertility Coach, and my work is about helping couples to look deeper into themselves and process their emotions. It is my hope to see couples navigate through their struggles and move forward in their lives.

My advice to couples out there is to communicate with your spouse and collectively decide the next steps to take if you are going through infertility. Time is of the essence and what people say about your biological clock ticking is very real. Do your research and meet the right specialist for you.

Never give up because your victory could be right around the corner. Have faith to journey through infertility because with persistence and perseverance, you can realise your dreams.

My hope…